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Safety: An ounce of prevention is worth……a life!

As Junes comes to a close we are reminded that it is National Safety Month . As we get bombarded with daily reminders to wear sunscreen by the pool and cheesy posters with cheesier sayings, keep in mind the meaning behind them is vitally important. As an active participant on our company’s safety committee, it can be easy to turn a safety project into a long term, high investment project that will be as safe as possible. But it can often come at the expense of a simpler solution that can start making your front line worker safer NOW rather than tomorrow.

national safety month

As safety professionals, advisors, or just leaders of people, we are responsible for those that are exposed to hazards on the front lines doing the work. It is our responsibility to make sure that we find sensing solutions that not only protect, but can be implemented quickly and easily to ensure protection now.

But here lies the dichotomy; whatever the sensing solution is, it can’t be cheap and create the chance to supply false security.

These issues create contradictions. We need inexpensive but not cheap, sophisticated but not complicated, fast and easy to install but not to cause any adverse effect in the production environment. We attempt to optimize current solutions by multiple factors and the result is typically a well-balanced, mediocre, piece of junk. When real safety problems occur, we need step changes in technology that take away the balancing act of specs and open up new ways to keep people safe.

Enter wireless communication. We have been proving in use with our dependence on cellular phones for over a decade with increasing reliability. We are replacing wired home phone lines with cellphones, airplane boarding passes with e-tickets on our cellphones, and even doing our banking over our cellphones. Industrial wireless communications are more robust and reliable than they have ever been and are ready for the mainstream of industrial market sensing applications.

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The cost savings of wireless are readily apparent: less wiring, less money. What is sometimes lost is the ease and speed of installation. This is where wireless can offer a step change in safety. Need additional points to monitor, no problem. Need to move a point to a more ideal location, no problem. It is now easier and faster than ever to get monitoring installed that will start to protect your people now.

As a vendor, allowing the limitations of old technology and “it’s always been done this way” to become excuses against creating better ways to bring value to the customers will be detrimental as new technology and services emerge. It’s on us to not only adapt new technology but to embrace it as the path forward. Further we must be instrumental in creating the data to prove performance and reliability.

So as we wrap up  June and make jokes about the cliché posters, remember to look to find innovative solutions that will help to you protect your people now. Accidents won’t wait for you, so why wait on implementing safety? Start searching for solutions that will help you keep your people safer NOW.

If it happens to involve industrial wireless, feel free to explore to learn more.

Written by: Andrew Liptak- Gas Detection Product Manger at United Electric Controls


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Automation India Week 2015

Automation India Week 2015 was held at The Lalit-Mumbai hotel from October 24th through the 28th. Hosted by the International Society of Automation (ISA), District 14. The event was attended by several countries from around the globe, making it an extremely well-organized and truly international event.

Each day was full with product exhibits and presentations from various sponsoring companies including United Electric Controls (UE). From UE, Mr. Wil Chin presented a paper on Groundbreaking Technology for Safety System Migration. Directly after Wil’s talk, UE’s product exhibit was inundated with visitors eager to learn more about UE’s award-winning One Series Safety Transmitter.

Tradeshow, ISA india 3

Also attending from UE-USA was Andrew Liptak, Engineer and Rick Frauton, Sr. Product Manager. Attending from UE-India was Parimal Joshi, Regional Sales Manager and Bhavin Patel, Inside Sales and Support, hailing from Baroda in the state of Gujarat.

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Introducing 2 New One Series Products from United Electric Controls

We’ve been busy crafting new transmitters that better serve our customers’ needs. This month, United Electric Controls is pleased to introduce the latest One Series models now available for purchase. The new products add to our growing list of award-winning One Series Transmitters.

Pressure and Temp Monitor
One Series 1XTXSW shown with Dual Seal and Differential Pressure Sensor

The One Series 1XTXSW model is a HART® version 7 transmitter with 2 programmable solid state relays. It has been designed as an upgrade to replace existing transmitters, gauges and switches – performing 3 different functions in just one product. Customers will be able to provide local control for alarms and to provide a shut down to protect equipment. They can also send a signal to the control system PLC and perform monitoring functions for pressure or temperature. There is also a separate IAW™ (I Am Working) discrete output for reporting the health status of the instrument, which helps operators know when it needs maintenance. Predictive maintenance can save time and money and can eliminate damage occurring from wear, resulting in unscheduled downtime.

Also introduced is the One Series 1XTX00 model, a Transmitter Only version of our One Series pressure or temperature monitor, which provides the same HART® 7 NAMUR standard 4-20 mA communication but eliminates the solid-state relays for non-switching applications. This is the first One Series version to exclude switching capability, providing a more economical version of the One Series for applications that don’t require the switching function..

UE is currently taking orders on both of these products this month. To find a local supplier near you, please view our Distributors page and select your geographic region. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or by calling (617) 926-1000.


United Electric Controls Releases New One Series

Pressure and Temperature Monitoring Device
One Series 1X Shown with Dual Seal Option

Last month, UE officially introduced a new One Series 2-wire electronic switch capable of monitoring pressure or temperature in harsh and hazardous industrial applications. The new model, 1xswll, joins the One Series hybrid transmitter-switch product line. This new process monitor replaces four models by combining all of the functionality and hazardous location approvals of the previous models, making it easier to select and specify on projects. The updated product was first demonstrated at last month’s ACHEMA 2015 event in Europe and is intended for hydrocarbon refining, processing, and chemical manufacturing industries.

Product Specs:

  • Discrete input powered 2-wire electronic switch capable of replacing mechanical switches that are connected to a DCS or PLC utilizing the same 2 wires and control scheme
  • Voltage range of 7.8 to 50 volts DC at 0.1 amps for 24 and 48 logic solver inputs
  • I Am Working (IAW™) diagnostics provide health status display and a fail-safe-open remote discrete output signal

Software Features:

  • Fully programmable Set Point fail-safe switch with 100% adjustable Deadband (hysteresis)
  • Adjustable Filter avoids nuisance trips resulting from pressure spikes
  • Window Mode opens or closes the set point switch when the process variable is outside of the programmable window
  • Trip Counter increments each time the set point is reached, useful for process diagnostics
  • Trip Delay suspends the switch action up to 999.9 seconds (16.7 minutes) after the Set Point is reached
  • Password protects against unauthorized changes to the programmable parameters

The 1XSWLL is the first in a family of four new One Series products that will be released this year by United Electric Controls so keep a look out for upcoming announcements.

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The One Series Safety Transmitter for Increased Plant Safety

united electric safety transmitter

The power generation market is beginning to emphasize the importance of plant safety. This was made clear to all attendees during the keynote session at the Power-Gen International Show in Orlando held in early December. Ms. Kimberly S. Greene, executive VP and COO of Atlanta-based power generation Southern Company made a passionate plea for better safety standards within plants that fall under the Southern Company umbrella, and to begin thinking about plant safety and investing in safety automation technology to provide some solutions. According to Ms. Greene, Southern Company facilities sent 300 workers home with workplace injuries in 2014.

In one case this year, a 44-year employee died on the job, causing Ms. Greene to make an emotional plea to all attendees and plant managers to move safety to the top of their priority lists. For the power generation market, plant safety has not (yet) received the same level of attention when compared to the hydrocarbon processing market. Ms. Greene’s statistics reminded us all that functional safety must be considered across many industries that include harsh and hazardous operating conditions and processes.

The One Series Safety Transmitter is a pressure and temperature monitoring transmitter-switch that provides a NAMUR NE 43 standard 4-20 mA analog output. Its programmable high-capacity solid-state safety relay output enables the fastest emergency shutdowns in the industry.

The One Series Safety Transmitter was designed with features that simplify installation, improve productivity, and eliminate nuisance trips. The instrument is password protected to prevent unwanted parameter changes; eliminating the risk of tampering. The large backlit digital display provides process variable, status, self-diagnostics and field programming information.

Some of the advantages of using UE’s safety transmitter are:

  • ​4-20 mA analog output with field scaling capability
  • ​100% programmable high-capacity safety relay for switch mode, set point & deadband
  • ​Effectively replaces a gauge, transmitter, and a switch to reduce potential leak paths
  • ​Additional discrete outputs to facilitate voting logic schemes
  • ​The industries highest safe failure fraction (SFF) of 98.8% as certified for use in SIL 2 by exida

For more information on UE’s One Series Safety Transmitter, please visit our website at or call our application engineers at +1 (617) 923-6977. You can also write us at TechSupport

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Diagnostics that Reach Beyond their Normal Boundaries

As a company known for our pressure and temperature switches, transmitters and sensors for safety, alarm and shutdown applications; we’re constantly evaluating our customers’ needs. Our range of product offerings, including the One Series Safety Transmitters, are engineered to meet and exceed industry standards.

It all started with our One Series electronic switch product line, originally introduced in the late 1990s. During focus group interviews with our customers, it was determined that these products must include self-diagnostic capability, helping to avoid the “blind switch issue” inherent in mechanical switches (which we also manufacture). In a blind switch intended for safety, customers were concerned about reliability. “How do I know if will work when I need it to?”

The blind switch issue was a major consideration when designing our One Series Safety Transmitter because when a product is “blind,” it has no self-diagnostic capability, requiring preventative maintenance to determine if it is still functional Additionally, the reduction in the number of maintenance workers leaves fewer instrument and control technicians to perform this vital maintenance, a concern for plant managers. Plant upgrade strategies now specify self-diagnostic (smart) instrumentation, such as our One Series Safety Transmitter.One Series Safety Transmitter Display


At United Electric Controls, we go beyond the traditional boundaries of self-diagnostic instrumentation. For example, typical smart instruments can determine if there are errors in the software, if the sensor cable is disconnected and if there is a functioning keypad to set parameters. The One Series IAWTM self-diagnostics take this concept much further and evaluate the sensor to see if it is open, shorted and still capable of sensing temperature and pressure, is there a button stuck on the keypad and the validity of the signal that is telling the switch to open. This is all important so there is reasonable assurance that the product is functioning correctly and safely.

The One Series IAWTM self-diagnostic feature also considers external influences on the operation of the product, evaluating the power that the instrument is being given, loop power or DC power supply. The One Series monitors the power supply to make sure the power is clean, and there are no spikes, drooping, or noise from radio frequencies, etc. This is all done to make sure the power source is reliable.

The One Series can also detect if the sensor is clogged and unable to read pressure. The One Series has an advanced feature called Plug Port Detection to determine if the sensor is clogged and then can report the condition as detailed below. Another external diagnostic feature involves the ability to monitor the Safety Relay Output from an external perspective. For example, if the instruction to open the SRO is given by the microcontroller, IAWTM can determine if the SRO actually opened. Line fault detection is also included to detect open and shorted wiring connections to the final element (load).When IAWTM detects a fault, three actions are taken:

  1. The process variable and IAW indicator is replaced by a message on the display, informing the I&C technician of the fault type.
  2. The NAMUR NE 43 standard 4-20 mA output will change from indicating the process variable to the fault indicating current of 3.6 mA, providing remote indication to the control system that a fault has occurred.
  3. The Safety Relay Output (SRO), SRO Status and IAW outputs will fail safe (open) within 100 milliseconds of the detected fault, initiating an emergency shutdown.

Consider the One Series family of pressure and temperature monitors for your safety, alarm and shutdown applications. Click here for more details.

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Creating Products that Resonate

One Series Safety TransmitterAt United Electric Controls, we’re continuously focused on providing high quality products that resonate with the various industries that we serve. Through market research with different customer groups, we’ve been able to focus on defining the problems that our customers face when trying to make their processes safe and their plants run smoothly.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with functional safety engineers and managers at major chemical companies and plants in order to learn more about our target market. We then worked with the information that we learned to focus on their problems and not our proposed product features. Our team appeared as consultants and not sales people, allowing these people to open up while we obtained the maximum and untainted amount of “problem” data. We learned a lot about how to define our One Series Safety Transmitter (ST, aka safety sensor, One ST) to help with the following challenges:

  1. Nuisance trips – will the ST shut down my plant unnecessarily? Can I get an alarm ahead of an emergency shutdown (ESD)? Can I create an intelligent system that knows the difference between a dangerous versus abnormal situation and help me avoid nuisance trips?
  2. Response time – will the ST react fast enough? My applications require a fast-acting sensing device for positive displacement pumps. My safety system must react in 500 milliseconds to an abnormal situation and make the proper decision – ESD or alarm only. Which is warranted? The automated safety system must decide, not an operator that may have had a bad day!
  3. Security – will the ST make us vulnerable to cyber-attack? The safety sensor must be password protected, tamper resistant and protect me from losing my password.
  4. Flexibility – is the ST a transmitter? A switch? Both? I want to use the One ST in voting logic schemes. Can you provide features that enable that?
  5. Design – does the ST provide everything I need to design a safe yet flexible safety instrumented system (SIS)? Is it certified for use in SIL 2 applications? The product must be certified by a third-party agency. We chose exida for our certification. They are worldwide leaders in SIS certifications per the standard IEC 61508.

We then created a product definition based on these customers’ problems:

  • It must be a transmitter with standard 4-20 mA output
  • It must be certified for use in SIL 2 safety systems, capable of SIL 3 with redundancy
  • It must include and communicate self-diagnostics information with auxiliary outputs for safety PLC voting schemes
  • It must include a fast high-capacity programmable safety relay

Ultimately, we used this information and our knowledge of the industries that we serve to create a product that would resonate with functional safety engineers that are working specifically on safety instrumented systems:

Some standout features of our One Series Safety Transmitter:

  • 2-wire loop powered 24 VDC NAMUR standard 4 – 20 mA output
  • Certified by exida for use in SIL 2 functional safety systems; capable of SIL 3 with redundancy

*             Industry’s highest Safe Failure Fraction at 98.8%

*             Discrete outputs, including diagnostics and set point status, which facilitate voting logic schemes

*             Hi-capacity programmable safety relay capable of controlling the final element directly

*             Capable of replacing a switch + gauge + transmitter (replace 3 instruments with one)

*             These are the resonators

To learn more about how we create and design our wide range of products that resonate, be sure to visit us at the Power-Gen International Exhibition in Orlando, Florida from December 9-11 at booth 534 at the Orange County Convention Center. We’ll be showcasing the One Series Safety Transmitter and visitors will have the opportunity to speak with our application engineers.