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Safety: An ounce of prevention is worth……a life!

As Junes comes to a close we are reminded that it is National Safety Month . As we get bombarded with daily reminders to wear sunscreen by the pool and cheesy posters with cheesier sayings, keep in mind the meaning behind them is vitally important. As an active participant on our company’s safety committee, it can be easy to turn a safety project into a long term, high investment project that will be as safe as possible. But it can often come at the expense of a simpler solution that can start making your front line worker safer NOW rather than tomorrow.

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As safety professionals, advisors, or just leaders of people, we are responsible for those that are exposed to hazards on the front lines doing the work. It is our responsibility to make sure that we find sensing solutions that not only protect, but can be implemented quickly and easily to ensure protection now.

But here lies the dichotomy; whatever the sensing solution is, it can’t be cheap and create the chance to supply false security.

These issues create contradictions. We need inexpensive but not cheap, sophisticated but not complicated, fast and easy to install but not to cause any adverse effect in the production environment. We attempt to optimize current solutions by multiple factors and the result is typically a well-balanced, mediocre, piece of junk. When real safety problems occur, we need step changes in technology that take away the balancing act of specs and open up new ways to keep people safe.

Enter wireless communication. We have been proving in use with our dependence on cellular phones for over a decade with increasing reliability. We are replacing wired home phone lines with cellphones, airplane boarding passes with e-tickets on our cellphones, and even doing our banking over our cellphones. Industrial wireless communications are more robust and reliable than they have ever been and are ready for the mainstream of industrial market sensing applications.

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The cost savings of wireless are readily apparent: less wiring, less money. What is sometimes lost is the ease and speed of installation. This is where wireless can offer a step change in safety. Need additional points to monitor, no problem. Need to move a point to a more ideal location, no problem. It is now easier and faster than ever to get monitoring installed that will start to protect your people now.

As a vendor, allowing the limitations of old technology and “it’s always been done this way” to become excuses against creating better ways to bring value to the customers will be detrimental as new technology and services emerge. It’s on us to not only adapt new technology but to embrace it as the path forward. Further we must be instrumental in creating the data to prove performance and reliability.

So as we wrap up  June and make jokes about the cliché posters, remember to look to find innovative solutions that will help to you protect your people now. Accidents won’t wait for you, so why wait on implementing safety? Start searching for solutions that will help you keep your people safer NOW.

If it happens to involve industrial wireless, feel free to explore to learn more.

Written by: Andrew Liptak- Gas Detection Product Manger at United Electric Controls


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Automation India Week 2015

Automation India Week 2015 was held at The Lalit-Mumbai hotel from October 24th through the 28th. Hosted by the International Society of Automation (ISA), District 14. The event was attended by several countries from around the globe, making it an extremely well-organized and truly international event.

Each day was full with product exhibits and presentations from various sponsoring companies including United Electric Controls (UE). From UE, Mr. Wil Chin presented a paper on Groundbreaking Technology for Safety System Migration. Directly after Wil’s talk, UE’s product exhibit was inundated with visitors eager to learn more about UE’s award-winning One Series Safety Transmitter.

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Also attending from UE-USA was Andrew Liptak, Engineer and Rick Frauton, Sr. Product Manager. Attending from UE-India was Parimal Joshi, Regional Sales Manager and Bhavin Patel, Inside Sales and Support, hailing from Baroda in the state of Gujarat.

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June 2015 Trade Shows in the Oil and Gas Sector

Unlike countless other marketing activities, trade shows haven’t changed much over the decades. They still require quite a bit of labor in setting up booths, putting together interesting demonstrations and hiring people who can work the floors and get people’s attention.

So in the face of ROI considerations, many people and companies are pulling back a bit from trade show investment. However, in certain industries, including oil and gas, and even the chemical sector, trade shows continue to prove their worth. As a matter of fact, these industries rely on trade shows to get innovative solutions and new products into the hands of buyers.

In addition, educational opportunities abound at trade shows. Influencers, thought leaders, prospects, clients and competitors all come together to share their knowledge and expertise. Access to so many industry leaders all in one place is unlikely anywhere else but at a trade show.

Recognizing these many benefits, United Electric Controls makes every effort to attend major industrial shows. This month, we’ll be doing some extensive traveling, heading to The Global Petroleum Show taking place June 9th-11th, 2015 at Stampede Park in Calgary, Canada. Soon after that, we’ll be packing our bags yet again to attend ACHEMA, which will be held in Frankfurt, Germany from June 15th-19th, 2015.

Global Petroleum Show Logo
Join us in Booth 4645 at the Global Petroleum Show

At the Global Petroleum Show, United Electric Controls will have our Dual Seal products on display for attendees, in addition to our award-winning One Series Safety Transmitter. Oil and gas companies that are interested in these safety products can visit us at Booth 4645.

At ACHEMA, the theme of the show will be “Fast, Safe, and Reliable,” which is the perfect complement to the safety products we provide. And in honor of the theme, we’ll be giving away Formula 1 racing tickets to some lucky attendees. For more information, stop by our booth at the show. We’ll be in Hall 11.1, Booth G51.

ACHEMA 2015 Banner
Visit Hall 11.1, Booth G51 at ACHEMA 2015

To learn more about our reliable pressure and temperature switches, controls and sensors, feel free to contact us at or by calling (617) 926-1000. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the shows!


Learn About Pressure & Temperature Transmitters for Oilfield Automation at OTC 2015

Oil and Gas Safety Product
See the Award Winning One Series Safety Transmitter at OTC 2015

From May 4-7, 2015, NRG Park in Houston, Texas will host the 2015 Offshore Technology Conference. OTC 2015 brings together thought leaders in the offshore energy industry to discuss and introduce new technological advances, safety and environmental solutions, and regulations impacting the sector. The event includes a number of informative technical sessions and panels in addition to downtime for scheduled breakfasts and luncheons.

The event will be kicked off by the Annual OTC Dinner on Sunday, May 3rd, which will recognize OTC Distinguished Achievement Award recipients. Proceeds from the dinner will support this year’s beneficiary – the IPAA/PESA Energy Education Center for the benefit of the Energy Institute High School. The Energy Institute is a magnet school with three educational focus areas for students; geosciences, energy alternatives, and offshore technology.

Supporting the next generation is a major emphasis of OTC 2015. Monday’s events will include “The Next Wave, a program for young professionals,” sponsored by BP. The expert speakers in the program will introduce challenges and opportunities for young people in this line of work, and provide a guide on how to land a job and drive the future of the offshore energy sector.

OTC 2015 will also showcase industrial leaders in the offshore equipment industry. United Electric Controls will be exhibiting at booth #5832 with our specialty transmitters for oilfield automation. We offer pressure, differential pressure, and temperature transmitters for critical safety, alarm, and emergency shutdown (ESD) applications. All of these solutions are vital to ensure safety during offshore operations. In particular, we’ll be showing off our award-winning One Series Safety Transmitter, which was recently recognized as Control Engineering’s 2015 Engineers’ Choice award winner in the Safety – Process Safety, Intrinsic Safety category.

In addition to the One Series Safety Transmitter, UE will be exhibiting pressure switches and transmitters that address the following offshore applications:

  •  BOP closing systems
  •  Instrument safety and emergency shutdown (ESD) panels
  •  Fire suppression systems
  •  Sub-sea valve monitoring

Adding to their suitability for offshore environments, UE instruments are compact to maximize panel space. They are welded, hermetically sealed, and composed of stainless steel, making them resistant to salt spray and humidity.

For more information about the pressure and temperature transmitter products on display at OTC 2015, please feel free to visit our event page. For an in-person demonstration, please stop by booth #5832 at the event. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Creating Products that Resonate

One Series Safety TransmitterAt United Electric Controls, we’re continuously focused on providing high quality products that resonate with the various industries that we serve. Through market research with different customer groups, we’ve been able to focus on defining the problems that our customers face when trying to make their processes safe and their plants run smoothly.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with functional safety engineers and managers at major chemical companies and plants in order to learn more about our target market. We then worked with the information that we learned to focus on their problems and not our proposed product features. Our team appeared as consultants and not sales people, allowing these people to open up while we obtained the maximum and untainted amount of “problem” data. We learned a lot about how to define our One Series Safety Transmitter (ST, aka safety sensor, One ST) to help with the following challenges:

  1. Nuisance trips – will the ST shut down my plant unnecessarily? Can I get an alarm ahead of an emergency shutdown (ESD)? Can I create an intelligent system that knows the difference between a dangerous versus abnormal situation and help me avoid nuisance trips?
  2. Response time – will the ST react fast enough? My applications require a fast-acting sensing device for positive displacement pumps. My safety system must react in 500 milliseconds to an abnormal situation and make the proper decision – ESD or alarm only. Which is warranted? The automated safety system must decide, not an operator that may have had a bad day!
  3. Security – will the ST make us vulnerable to cyber-attack? The safety sensor must be password protected, tamper resistant and protect me from losing my password.
  4. Flexibility – is the ST a transmitter? A switch? Both? I want to use the One ST in voting logic schemes. Can you provide features that enable that?
  5. Design – does the ST provide everything I need to design a safe yet flexible safety instrumented system (SIS)? Is it certified for use in SIL 2 applications? The product must be certified by a third-party agency. We chose exida for our certification. They are worldwide leaders in SIS certifications per the standard IEC 61508.

We then created a product definition based on these customers’ problems:

  • It must be a transmitter with standard 4-20 mA output
  • It must be certified for use in SIL 2 safety systems, capable of SIL 3 with redundancy
  • It must include and communicate self-diagnostics information with auxiliary outputs for safety PLC voting schemes
  • It must include a fast high-capacity programmable safety relay

Ultimately, we used this information and our knowledge of the industries that we serve to create a product that would resonate with functional safety engineers that are working specifically on safety instrumented systems:

Some standout features of our One Series Safety Transmitter:

  • 2-wire loop powered 24 VDC NAMUR standard 4 – 20 mA output
  • Certified by exida for use in SIL 2 functional safety systems; capable of SIL 3 with redundancy

*             Industry’s highest Safe Failure Fraction at 98.8%

*             Discrete outputs, including diagnostics and set point status, which facilitate voting logic schemes

*             Hi-capacity programmable safety relay capable of controlling the final element directly

*             Capable of replacing a switch + gauge + transmitter (replace 3 instruments with one)

*             These are the resonators

To learn more about how we create and design our wide range of products that resonate, be sure to visit us at the Power-Gen International Exhibition in Orlando, Florida from December 9-11 at booth 534 at the Orange County Convention Center. We’ll be showcasing the One Series Safety Transmitter and visitors will have the opportunity to speak with our application engineers.


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Introducing the One Series Safety Transmitter

One Series Safety TransmitterExcitement is building at United Electric Controls and with our customers regarding the new One Series Safety Transmitter. Introduced at the recent CHEM Show in New York City, the One Series Safety Transmitter is simple to set up and gives your plant safety team faster, safer performance right from the start. This unique transmitter is the first SIL 2-certified transmitter designed specifically to meet the needs of functional safety system applications. The One Series Safety Transmitter offers a wide range of benefits including:

  • 4-20 mA NAMUR standard output with exclusive “I Am Working™” diagnostics
  • Internal high-speed safety relay for fast warnings or emergency shutdowns
  • Built in sensor and logic solver functions to connect directly to the final element
  • Available in versions that monitor temperature and pressure
  • Certified for use in SIL 2 safety instrumented systems and capable of SIL 3 with redundancy (per IEC 61508)
  • Discrete outputs that deliver voting logic input to the safety PLC
  • Configurable self-diagnostics with a safe failure fraction of 98.5%
  • Outstanding instrument response time of <100 milliseconds!

The One Series Safety Transmitter is packed with technology, but at the same time, it is easy to install and operate. Its simple design means that your safety team will experience fewer nuisance trips while improving overall productivity and throughput. Its affordability means you don’t need to waste time and money on adapting a process transmitter. If you want to learn even more about United Electric Controls’ new One Series Safety Transmitter, download the detailed brochure or speak with one of our application specialists today. For safety straight out of the box, consider the One Series Safety Transmitter for your next SIS project!