Working to Close the Skills Gap

At United Electric Controls, we are always looking for new ways to serve our customers. One way that we are working to ensure the future of high-quality manufacturing and process automation is by actively contributing to education initiatives aimed at increasing skilled labor in the engineering field. According to Researchers at MIT, the widespread skills gap is hurting manufacturers that release many new and innovative products. There is currently an aging workforce, making way for younger professionals to enter technological fields such as manufacturing and engineering, especially in critical settings.

Because some students may not see manufacturing as an attractive career path, our company is taking the initiative to improve the skills gap. We want to be able to convince young people in school that their interest in computers could make them successful in engineering fields such as automation and manufacturing.  For example, we are actively working to contribute our instruments and products to universities and educational organizations that train students in engineering, math, science, and computer technologies.

We currently work with Bellingham Technical College (BTC) in Washington to provide instruments for their engineering and technology programs. UE reached out to BTC after viewing their YouTube video on WirelessHART, and it was obvious from numerous other instrumentation and process automation videos they produced, that BTC was committed to educating their students with high-tech, hands-on training for careers in advanced manufacturing and process industries. They were addressing the skills gap and we wanted to help, starting a great relationship benefiting both the students and the engineering industry. This video from BTC shows the UE One Series transmitter-switch as part of a safety shutdown system.

The Regional Center for Advanced Manufacturing (RCAM) in Kingsport, TN. is a training center that also utilizes our products and instruments to educate both students and industry professionals alike. Programs like Chemical Process Operations and Electromechanical Technology prepare those new to manufacturing and process industries, as well as experienced individuals looking to hone their skills.

As we continue to work with colleges, universities, and manufacturing training centers, it is our hope that these future engineers and instrument technicians will use our products when they enter the workforce. They will be familiar with our high-quality instruments and their proper applications. Our products are great for teaching because they are
Workbench StationWorkbench stationmanufactured with safety in mind.

Since our first donation to a school in 2003, we continue to donate products and hope that our contributions to educational engineering programs will decrease the skills gap.

If your school or organization is interested in learning about our donation program, please contact us for more information.