Instrumentation Symposium

For the fourth consecutive year, UE has attended and exhibited at the Instrumentation Symposium held at the Mary Kay O’Connor Student Center on the campus of Texas A&M University (TAMU) in College Station, TX. This year marked the 71st symposium. It’s hard to believe that this symposium, featuring the latest products available for industrial plant process, safety and monitoring, has been running since the mid-40’s!

Scott, Ken and Chan at TAMU

The symposium provides a unique opportunity for vendors (like UE), to come in contact with the committee members that write the standards for process safety. This year, proposed changes to the IEC 61511 standard were highlighted by Dr. Angela Summers, a committee member and president of SIS-TECH. In attendance were process safety product vendors (like UE) and plant managers who are responsible for implementing the safety instrumented functions outlined in the standard.

Chan Scott and Rick at the symposium

Chan, Scott and Rick

With process safety playing such a huge role, this year the symposium organizers decided to create two separate presentation tracks – one for process safety and the other for process control and monitoring. UE products shown at our exhibition booth, including the 120 Series, One Series hybrid transmitter-switch and the One Series Safety Transmitter, are applied in each of these functions.

Texas symposium Mary Kay O'connor

Rick Frauton, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for UE, made contact with Doug White, Senior Lecturer and Departmental Safety Officer at TAMU regarding their need for the latest process safety products to support their engineering curricula. In 2016, UE will be donating various products from their portfolio, including the One Series Safety Transmitter, for use by these young engineering students. Mr. White is in the planning process for rebuilding their distillation column so UE’s gift to TAMU is timely and greatly appreciated.

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