Introducing 2 New One Series Products from United Electric Controls

We’ve been busy crafting new transmitters that better serve our customers’ needs. This month, United Electric Controls is pleased to introduce the latest One Series models now available for purchase. The new products add to our growing list of award-winning One Series Transmitters.

Pressure and Temp Monitor
One Series 1XTXSW shown with Dual Seal and Differential Pressure Sensor

The One Series 1XTXSW model is a HART® version 7 transmitter with 2 programmable solid state relays. It has been designed as an upgrade to replace existing transmitters, gauges and switches – performing 3 different functions in just one product. Customers will be able to provide local control for alarms and to provide a shut down to protect equipment. They can also send a signal to the control system PLC and perform monitoring functions for pressure or temperature. There is also a separate IAW™ (I Am Working) discrete output for reporting the health status of the instrument, which helps operators know when it needs maintenance. Predictive maintenance can save time and money and can eliminate damage occurring from wear, resulting in unscheduled downtime.

Also introduced is the One Series 1XTX00 model, a Transmitter Only version of our One Series pressure or temperature monitor, which provides the same HART® 7 NAMUR standard 4-20 mA communication but eliminates the solid-state relays for non-switching applications. This is the first One Series version to exclude switching capability, providing a more economical version of the One Series for applications that don’t require the switching function..

UE is currently taking orders on both of these products this month. To find a local supplier near you, please view our Distributors page and select your geographic region. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or by calling (617) 926-1000.