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Introducing the Groundbreaking One Series Safety Transmitter

At United Electric, we have a proud history dating all the way back to 1931. How does a company remain so successful for such a long time?

Some of the ways are through our uncompromising commitment to quality, our focus on innovation, and our efficient operations that span the globe. Another way is through our continuous focus on growth and technology—specifically on adding new products to our line that meet customers’ demands and change the industry for the better.

In that vein, we’re very excited to officially introduce and offer our new One Series Safety Transmitter, a groundbreaking product that will truly be a game-changer, and will further solidify our role as world leaders in safety, alarm, and shutdown applications.

The One Series is a unique product that goes beyond all other safety transmitters, designed to solve problems related to the design, operation, maintenance, and modernization of a Safety Instrumented System (SIS).

The One Series Safety Transmitter is a universal multi-function device that allows the user to choose how to operate the product, either as a simple transmitter, a switch to control the final element directly via the Safety Relay Output (SRO), or to use the discrete outputs for voting logic systems. Through the SRO, alarms and emergency shutdowns occur directly through the instrument, saving time when it’s most crucial. In fact, the response time is less than 100 milliseconds.

Other features include a built-in Safety PLC function, discrete 24 VDC outputs, and an extremely reliable high Risk Reduction Factor (RRF). It’s also secure—an exceptionally critical factor—as it is not available with HART, which has proven to be vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

The product comes standard with a 4-20 mA output along with the SRO, and it fits perfectly with newer safety systems as a 2-wire loop powered transmitter, or with older legacy safety systems that require switch control to a plc or final element.

Fully certified by exida for use in functional safety applications, including SIL 2 and SIL 3 (when redundancy is included), this is simply the easiest, most effective way to ensure safety and immediate response.

Want to learn more about how this revolutionary new product can work for you? Visit our website, and feel free to contact us any time with questions.


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