Electro-mechanical switches, Plant Safety, Transmitters

Replacing Mechanical Switches in a Safety Application

Is it that time to upgrade your plant’s safety instrumentation? If your case is the typical upgrade move from mechanical switches to a transmitter, do you know specifically which type of transmitter you should be getting? What is the best means of replacing mechanical switches in a safety application?

united electric safety transmitterIt’s often necessary to replace mechanical switches because they are considered blind devices; they cannot warn you when they have become faulty, nor can they be relied on completely, as they have many moving parts. This can result in the sensor cracking, the piston sticking, or the micro-switch wearing out. Unless the switch is tested on a regular basis, there is no way to determine when problems exist. This is the main reason many facilities are moving towards transmitter upgrades.

Typical transmitters, however, can be very costly for a plant. Not only is the instrument itself expensive, but there are many hidden costs as well. A transmitter will require major input to the control system, including analog requirements, cabling, and the reprogramming of the control system to accommodate the updated continuous signals that process pressure changes. With all of this, the programming tasks become increased.

By now, you should realize that United Electric Controls places safety and quality above all else. So what would we recommend using instead? Our One Series Safety Transmitter. Since the One Series Transmitter contains a built-in switch function and has a self-diagnostic feature, programming would remain the same in the upgrade process. This way, you are saving money and time in the upgrade process without compromising an ounce of safety.united electric safety transmitter 2

We designed the One Series Safety Transmitter from the ground up with the intent to use it specifically in safety applications. In comparison, other transmitters are meant for process applications, meaning accuracy is high but not necessarily functional for safety situations. When it comes to safety, high quality, designed safety transmitters are the best option to go with.

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