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Safety Comes First with our Newest Transmitter

What’s one thing that all plant and facility managers can agree on? Safety comes first. This is precisely why we have made safety the number one feature of our new One Series Safety Transmitter.

One Series Safety TransmitterSpecifically, we are referring to the safety relay feature of the transmitter, which sets the transmitter apart from other products of its kind. It is an internal, programmable, solid-state relay that is used to initiate emergency shutdown directly from the instrument, as opposed to having to operate indirectly through a PLC and DCS, as is the case with other instruments.

Typical safety systems consist of a sensor (which is the safety transmitter), a logic solver (a PLC or DCS), and a final element (an electrically-actuated valve). Other safety transmitters must operate through the PLC to initiate an emergency shutdown, requiring up to 800 milliseconds to respond. With the One Series Safety Transmitter, the sensor and logic solver functions are combined into one instrument. By eliminating the need for a separate logic solver, our safety transmitter initiates the emergency shutdown directly and within 100 milliseconds.

Chemical processing plants are particularly hazardous environments. If a dangerous chemical reaction occurs, it is necessary that certain safety functions are in place to protect the plant and plant employees. When it comes to safety, time is of the essence—meaning there is a huge difference between an 800 millisecond reaction and a 100 millisecond reaction. With UE’s One Series Safety Transmitter, the response time is reduced dramatically due to the elimination of the PLC or DCS. By simplifying the SIF, the safety integrity level target is more easily achieved in a shorter period of time.

At United Electric Controls, we understand that safety should always come first. The One Series Safety Transmitter provides the industry’s highest safe failure fraction and integral safety relay output for minimum response time and maximum SIF design flexibility.