Electro-mechanical switches, Manufacturing

Entering the Future with United Electric Controls

The bottom line in manufacturing these days is simple: innovation is key. At United Electric Controls, there is little question that quality products and constant innovation are the reasons we have stayed at the top of the industry since 1931. In order to continue to remain relevant in today’s marketplace, we are learning how to diversify the company and reposition our products to adapt to our customers’ needs.

While we have traditionally been known for our electro-mechanical switches, we continue to transition towards digital technology. Our wide range of products include general purpose, OEM, and hazardous location pressure, differential pressure, and temperate switches, electronic pressure, differential pressure, and temperature monitors and analog, SIL-certified, and HART pressure transmitters for hazardous locations.

All of our controls and sensors meet or exceed the industry’s most exacting standards thanks to our ISO-9001, US based manufacturing capabilities. United Electric Controls also takes staying environmentally sound seriously, thanks to our program of energy management, recycling, non-toxic manufacturing, and compliance with RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances).

Staying with the theme of innovation, our design team is known across the globe for coming up with cost-effective solutions that fit your specific applications perfectly. We were the first in the industry to offer electronic pressure switches, micro-switches, and self-diagnosing switches, so you know you can count on United Electric to always be on the cutting-edge.

If you make your living in the military, aerospace, or semiconductor industry (just to name a few) and you put a great deal of stock in those that embrace innovation, then United Electric Controls is a company you need to get know better. In addition, check our blog every month to learn about our latest innovations and all of our current and upcoming projects!